Our registration services include:

  • Keeping and maintaining client’s registers as well as records of all shares
  • Registration of shares and corporate bonds
  • Registration of share transfers, bonus issues, rights issues etc.
  • Conducting and carrying out all other necessary requirements in connection with the transfer of shares and bonds.
  • Conducting all necessary correspondence with shareholders on behalf of the client company
  • Preparing and issuing dividend warrants to shareholders
  • Dividend accounts reconciliation
  • Attending to individual shareholders with specific queries relating to their shareholding in client companies
  • Compliance with the listing requirements and all applicable laws and regulations
  • Processing of Initial Public Offering (IPO) share applications, bonus issue and rights issue


Our services include:

  • Incorporation of companies
  • Registration of branches of local and foreign companies
  • Registration of business names and changes
  • Processing of change of names of companies and de-registration and dissolution of companies
  • Keeping and maintenance of company statutory records, i.e registers of members, directors, secretaries, mortgages, charges, registered office of the company and any related changes
  • Amendments/alteration of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Preparation and filing with the Registrar of Companies of all statutory returns within the prescribed period
  • Convening of and attendance of board meetings, general meetings and committee meetings and preparation of minutes
  • Preparation of resolutions on a day to day basis
  • Advisory services on compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations
  • Advisory services on corporate, secretarial and legal matters, including contact with government organizations, agencies and other bodies
  • Provision of security for statutory records and legal documents
  • Safe custody and use of Company Seal
  • Processing of increase of capital and allotments
  • Registration of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs)


    Registration and Company Secretarial Services are available on outsourcing basis. The services help add value and cut costs for our clients.